To create a luxury dining marquee to accommodate 350 guests for a prestigious fundraising event. Due to time restrictions on access to the marquee site, the structure had to be built, used and dismantled in just 36 hours!


A beautiful period courtyard in London.


To incorporate as much of the iconic courtyard and statue into the marquee as possible, our team designed a fully clear roofed marquee with a windowed gable end that highlighted the wonderful location.

How we did it

We used our specialised flooring system to level the sloping courtyard and provide the high quality finish that the client wanted for their distinguished event. By keeping the wall linings and carpet understated, attention was directed to the clear roof above. A matching clear walkway linking to the entire event created a cohesive look throughout the marquee.

With the venue being open to the public, efficient planning and execution were vital. Therefore, our team built the marquee overnight, finishing in the early morning and returing late the following evening to take down the marquee, leaving the courtyard looking as though the marquee was never even there by the following morning.