Wedding inspiration: A touch of spring



There’s something special about spring weddings – the promise of new beginnings, beautiful pastel hues and glorious floral blooms. The warmer weather and the opportunity to embrace the great outdoors make it the perfect time of year to tie the knot.

Here at Greenhill, we’ve always had a soft spot for the natural beauty of a garden backdrop, but if you’re not convinced that a spring wedding is for you, here are some of our inspired ideas for a blooming wonderful day!

Pastel hues

There is no denying that one of our favourite things about a spring wedding is the traditional pastel colour palette. Think of the airy, cheerful colours you see in bloom at this time of year – pinks, yellows, blues and greens are just some.

By choosing a main neutral colour such as white, cream or grey, you can add hints of these bright colours to create subtle accents. This is shown beautifully in our marquees, which provide the perfect backdrop for little pops of colour and most definitely breathe life into any spring wedding.

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Floral features

Consider yourself spoiled when it comes to spring wedding flowers! The kaleidoscope of colours and blooms available make it a difficult but welcome decision to make, with some of the most coveted blooms that can be expensive to find out of season at your disposal. 

Some of our favourite types include peonies, which are often considered to represent a happy marriage and compassion, and bluebells, which are thought to express everlasting love.

In our recent projects, we’ve worked with clients to install stunning statement centrepieces and floral chandeliers in our marquees, using clever lighting to highlight special features. If you’d like a little more inspiration, check out our previous blog sharing some of our favourite installations.


Sweet tooth’s

Classic white confections may always be in-season, but we can’t help but dream of the endless ways to bring a literal taste of spring to your big day. Think naked or ruffled cakes, fruity fillings and bright colours that will beautifully highlight the season.

If you’re looking for something a little different, have you considered the wildly popular dessert bar? It’s no secret that this is often the most frequented spot of the day, often featuring delicious bite-sized treats such as macarons, tarts, cake pops and doughnuts.


If you’re considering a spring wedding, why not get in touch with Greenhill Events to see how we could make your vision a reality? Give us a call on 01962 777812 to find out more.

Images featuring Added Dimension, Apollo Event Consultants, Catherine Coombes Flowers and Ben Moore Photography.

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