Statement pieces: Hanging structures & floral installations

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Though the recent weather has attempted to prove otherwise, spring is, in fact, in the air! The upcoming warmer months are perfect for bringing the outside in, so in our latest blog, we’re sharing some of our favourite floral hanging features and how they can easily be incorporated into your marquee to add a unique and beautiful touch to your wedding.

Statement centrepieces

Hanging centrepieces from the top of your marquee is a fantastic way to impress guests and make an instant visual impact. Adorned with flowers and foliage, these pieces can also be accentuated by styling with lights or lanterns.

In one of our recent projects with Cerbelli Creative, we were delighted to be involved with the installation of this beautiful floral centrepiece which was the perfect finishing touch to a classic ivory wedding marquee.

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Although a little more unusual, draped foliage is another stunning option to consider if you want to incorporate nature into your design without taking up valuable floor space. They’re great for adding a big pop of colour and worked brilliantly in our clearspan marquee with a fully clear roof at this wedding organised by Lillingston.

Floral chandeliers

Day or night, floral chandeliers can effortlessly inspire an intimate atmosphere. This clever combination of foliage and warm glowing lights by Tattie Rose Flowers in one of our marquees created a real focus point above the rustic bar.

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Wait…there’s more!

Whilst floral installations have become some of our favourite and most popular additions, there are so many wonderful things that can adorn your marquee to make your big day a unique and unforgettable occasion. In the past we’ve worked with formaldehyde sharks and aeroplane propellers, just to name a few, so whatever you would like to incorporate into your marquee – we can help!

If you’d like to find out how we can help you to create the wedding of your dreams, give us a call on 01962 777 812.

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